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 20 major network television shows 

and film projects to date

11 years in the business

7 year coaching resume including clients

Jully Black and Greg Hovanessian

Born to musician parents in Toronto, Chris was quickly put into acting classes (Children's Television Studios) when he was 5 after always wanting to entertain on stage with his parents. They decided to put him in theatre afterwards, where he studied at Young People's Theatre and Equity Showcase Theatre,

and by 13 had led the musical performance "Brundibar" (Magical Baskets Productions) as Brundibar during its run at the Leah and Puhlson's Theatre.

His high school years were spent at Unionville High School,

a performing school for the arts, where he majored in Drama for 4 years.

Studies included Shakespeare and performing as Richard III in "Richard III".

It wasn't until Chris was in his 20's that he decided to start a new career in Film and Television,

performing on shows like Beauty And The Beast (CBS), Rookie Blue, Bitten, Reign, Saving Hope, Covert Affairs, Nikita, to co-directing/producing/writing and starring in his own short film titled "Searching For Paradise",

where it had premiered at the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival at the Short Film Corner.

Since then Chris has performed on The Strain, Private Eyes, Caught, and most recently

American God's Season 3  (2021) and

Departure 2 (2021) - Chris' 3rd collaboration with director Tj Scott,

series led by actor Christopher Plummer .

The School Of Truth came to be in early 2014. It was a way for Chris to help out the people who asked how he would approach his work after having his own success as an actor in the business. He would coach 6 students at a time,  once per week on a 6-week timeline. As time passed he has had the honor to work with the students who have asked for his guidance, producing 


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