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Auditioning is a key component to your career

Produce strong audition tapes with our in-studio class

In-Studio Class 


Enjoy a learn-by-doing classroom environment 

for fast, effective, immediate results

Shorten your learning curve when you join 

our In-Studio AUDITION MASTERY Class

Get the tips and tricks you can use today to

produce strong audition performances

Feel good about your performances on camera...


Join our In-Studio Class today to get started

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  • Learn how to rehearse your scenes authentically and effectively 

  • Feel what its like to deeply connect with the dialogue in your scenes

  • Feel what its like, first-hand, to be completely present in a scene  

  • Learn the Tv and Film process and how to self-direct

  • Learn what to expect when you land the role

  • Build your highlight reel for prospect agents

  • Receive full length recordings of your scenes performed in each week's class

  • Co-students/scene partners to help read with you

First-time students:

4 weeks $279

Returning students:



1 week   $75

2 weeks $129

3 weeks $179

4 weeks $229

*Prices do not include hst

  • Learn how to craft your performance visually/aesthetically for the camera

  • Learn how to break down your script easily through locating 6 simple criteria

  • Learn how to self-direct

  • Discover which roles feel better to you vs those that dont

  • Learn what to expect when being on-set

Next Class Begins

Monday November 23rd, 2020

Maximum Capacity:

12 Students

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